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First Priority Escrow believes that our services start with our employees. That is why we choose only the most experienced escrow officers to work with our company. At First Priority Escrow, you will see that customer services is our primary focus. We know that an escrow can be an intimidating process when purchasing a home or commercial property and we will help you with any concerns that may arise along the way. Meeting your escrow requirements is our First Priority.

Financial Security

From decades of hard work and experience, First Priority Escrow has built a reputation for being a leader in safe and secure escrow services. From quick distribution of funds to managing any hurdles through the process, we are confident that you will leave with the best experience and will come back when you are ready to purchase your next property.

Because our clients hold First Priority Escrow to such high standards, we have positioned ourselves to be one of Southern California’s premier escrow companies. We’ve managed hundreds of clients successfully and look forward to helping you achieve your real estate dreams. You can count on First Priority Escrow from start to finish with excellent customer care.

We adapt to the Real Estate Industry

In escrow, you must constantly research and adapt to an ever changing industry. Rules and requirements can change both locally or federally and being on top of those changes is our duty. Our knowledge and experience allows us to see market shifts and political safeguards to help your escrow experience smooth and efficient. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to ask one of our dedicated Escrow Officers. We are here to help inform you, our client.

First Priority uses the most advanced security measures to hold your personal and financial information and will never jeopardize your history. Our reputation has long been known as being one with safeguards and protection and your escrow will be managed with the utmost safety. We guarantee it.

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